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Height: 6 to 40 inches (15 to 100 cm).
Growing Region: Zones 2 to 10.
Flowers: Summer until first frost.
Flower Details: Red. Double ray florets; central disc. Dome. Papery.
Foliage: Green. Opposite. Linear through to Ovate.

Sow Outdoors: Cover seed. Following the last frost. Spacing 5 to 12 inches (12 to 30 cm).

Sow Indoors: Germination time: one week to one month. Temperature 70 to 80°F (21 to 27°C). Seven or eight weeks in advance. Transplant outdoors following the last frost.

Requirements: Full sunlight or afternoon shade. Good drainage. Soil pH 6 to 7. Rich soil. Humus. Moist soil. Mix in manure. Regular watering to surrounding soil. Feed when transplanting. Feed at the start of flowering. Pinch tips.

How to grow:
If growing Zinnia from seed then sow outdoors following the last frost of spring; lightly cover the seed once sown. Zinnia should be spaced at 15 to 20cm (small); 25 to 30cm (medium) or 45cm (large Zinnia species) apart. Ideally grow Zinnia in a sunny area of the garden that gets an afternoon shade. These plants are able to grow in most soils of pH 6 to 7, but the soil should be enriched with manure for best results. 
In cold areas it may be a good idea to start off Zinnia indoors first; do so about 7 weeks in advance of transplanting. It should take about one to three weeks to germinate Zinnia at a temperature of 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. Transplant Zinnia outdoors just after the last possible frost of spring.

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