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Height: 12 to 30 Inches (30 to 75 cm).
Growing Region: Zones 2 to 10.
Flowers: Spring through to autumn; may also bloom in winter in warm frost free areas if sown in the autumn.
Flower Details: Orange. Daisy-like ray and disc florets.
Foliage: Bright green. Slightly hairy. Ovate.

Sow Outdoors: 1/4 inch (6mm). Early spring and/or summer (mild climates) or towards the end of autumn (in warm climates). Spacing. 6 to 24 inches (15 to 60 cm).

Sow Indoors: Germination time: one to two weeks in the dark. Temperature 70°F (21°C). Seven or eight weeks in advance. Transplant outdoors following the last frost.

Requirements: Full sunlight or light shade. Soil pH 5.5 to 7. Average soils. Occasional feed. Regular watering; avoid getting water on the leaves. Pinch tips. Deadhead. Bring plants indoors for the winter in frosty areas; potting. Propagate: cuttings in the summer.

How to grow:
If planning to grow Calendula outdoors from seed it is usual to sow seeds at a depth of ¼ inch (6mm) in the early spring. In hot areas that do not get little winter frosts (eg zones 9 to 10 in the USA) it is best to sow seeds in the Autumn). In areas where summers are cool, it is also possible to sow pot marigold seeds in the Summer for Autumn blooming. 
When starting off seedlings indoors it is best to start the preparations for growing Pot Marigolds about 8 weeks before planting out (usually after the last frost). The germination process should be done in the dark and takes about one or two weeks at 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21C). Dwarf Calendula species should be planted about 8 inches (20cm) apart, whereas taller varieties should have a spacing of around 20 inches (50cm). Pot and English Marigold should be grown in areas of bright sunlight in an ordinary soil of pH 5.5 to 7.

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