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Pink orchid trees originated in the Far East, especially China and India. They can grow up to 25 feet tall, and are a hardy, drought-resistant tree. They prefer hot weather, but can easily survive in temperatures as low as 25 degrees F. Pink orchid trees got their name from the bright-pink, orchid-like flowers they produce. It is easy to grow a pink orchid tree, with only a little time and dedication.
How to Grow

1. Soak the pink orchid tree seeds for 8 to 12 hours in hot water before planting. Plant the seeds 1½ inches deep in a place that receives abundant sunlight. Keep the soil moist during the first 2 to 3 months of growth.

2. Water the tree thoroughly, ensuring the soil is fully saturated. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. Pink orchid trees are not accustomed to large amounts of water and should never be over-watered.

3. Feed the pink orchid tree weekly using phostrogen feed, a plant food found in your local garden supply store. Orchid trees require a high amount of phosphorous to grow and produce flowers. Fertilize the tree once yearly in the early spring with a high nitrogen fertilizer. Fertilizing later will force growth that will not have a chance to harden before winter.

4. Add several drops of dishwashing detergent to water and add to a lawn sprayer. Mist the pink orchid tree every 4 to 5 days during the spring and summer to prevent spider mites, scale and other pests.

5. Prune any dead or unhealthy limbs from the tree using a pair of limb cutters. These limbs leach nutrients from the rest of the tree. They also decrease air circulation and sunlight to the lower limbs. Cut the limbs from the tree as close to the trunk as possible.

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