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There are over 300 different species of maples all over the world, all with different size, colour, and foliage. The Japanese maple species (Lat. Acer Palmatum) has delicate foliage and display fantastic colours in autumn varying from red to gold.

These trees have the most beautiful red leaves in the spring and fall. During late spring they tend to shade to a duller red, then green during the summer and then to back bright red in the fall. Japanese red maple are known to make wonderful informal upright bonsai and the leaves reduce nicely to 1" or less. Red maple also make wonderful 2 tree and 3 tree forest plantings at minimal cost and have a big bonsai impact for appearance. The trunks can look green late spring to summer, but turn red in the winter. Make excellent mame size bonsai.

Flowers and fruit:
Maple bonsai has flowers of small size and red or purple colour.

Tolerance to climate:
Japanese maple does not fear cold weather so it can be grown outdoors all year round. It bears even harsh freezing temperature. It feels fine in evenly moist climate.
Hardiness zone: 5-8

It is important to keep the soil moist but not wet, thus the plant should be watered when needed. In summer and spring the soil dries out faster. Dry out would cause leaf burn.

The most popular style of maple tree bonsai is informal upright. Also forest or group styles are common. Japanese maple bonsai trees can be shaped in various styles except for semi-cascade and cascade.

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