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Spilanthes - Seeds (Acmella oleracea, Spilanthes Oleracea)

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Spilanthes - Seeds (Acmella oleracea, Spilanthes Oleracea)

Height: 12"-18"
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Sun
Water Requirements: Medium

Description: Spilanthes oleracea is known as Peek -A- Boo Plant because the flowers are round yellow balls with a red “eye” on top.  In addition to the unique flowers, ‘Peek-A-Boo’ has attractive bronzy, dark green foliage which is edible.    This annual is used in salads because of it’s pepper like flavor, and is also chewed for toothache because of it’s anesthetic properties, this is how it gets it’s other common name of Toothache Plant.  Spilanthes oleracea is a native to South America and is only hardy in warmer climates but is well worth growing as an annual for something different in your garden, reaching 12-18” in height and 12” wide.

How to grow:
1. Locate a place in your garden that offers partial shade to full sun and has several square feet of room for this plant to expand. 

2. Amend the soil in this area with compost if it isn't already rich. 

3. Sow your Toothache Plant seeds directly on the ground. Alternately, plant your Toothache Plants into this area about 18 inches apart. 

4. Water the area regularly until your Toothache Plants sprout. After that, water often enough to keep the soil damp but not drenched. 

5.When your young Toothache Plants have several full sets of mature leaves, pinch back the stems. This will cause the plants to be bushy and compact instead of sprawling and lanky.

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