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Name:Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Seeds, Chilli Seeds

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This is a stunning variety of chilli which certainly lives up to it's name. The small naturally bushy plants produce 100's of small, teardrop shaped, hot chillies that start life creamy, turn purple, then golden, then orange and finally fire-engine red! Produces early and continuously throughout the season. One of my favourite chilli plants. These peppers were fairly easy to grow and were such a beautiful addition to the garden.

Germ. Temp: 20 to 25
Size: around 30cm
Position: Sunny windowsill, conservatory, or greenhouse.
Conditions: Prefers ample moisture, but doesn't like being waterlogged.
Fruit Ripens: Cream, Purple, Golden, Orange, Red: 60 days
Fruit Length: around 2cm

A wonderful, ornamental pepper. compact plants have a wonderful bluish tinge, small violet-blue fruit that are quite hot.
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