Hami Melon - Seeds


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Hami Melon - Seeds

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Chinese Melon, Hybrid Hami Sweet

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Quantity: 30 Bulk Seeds

Hami melons are named after the Chinese region where they were cultivated, in the northwest part of the country, near the Mongolia border. There are actually about 180 varieties of hami melons, but the ones grown in the Unites States, like this one was, tend to be oval-shaped and flecked with green.

Cut one open, and you’ll find the flesh is paler than that of a cantaloupe, but the texture and density is similar.

Delicious. It was crisp and sweet, and pretty juicy, too. It’s a little milder than a cantaloupe.

Cultivation(How to Grow):
growth temperature:15 to 32 Celsius degree
soil demand: ph value between 7.0 to 8.0
plant number:800 plants
plant space:55cm
line space:300cm
sowing seeds:2 seeds per hole

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