Roma tomatoes 100g approx. 58,000 Seeds


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Quantity: 100 grams Approx. 58,000 Seeds

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Quantity: 100 grams Approx. 58,000 Seeds

Height: Control by yourself

How to grow:
1. Grow Roma tomatoes from seed. This can be difficult and is definitely time consuming. Plant seeds in fertile soil and keep in a green house or warm sunny window for two months. Water and fertilize the little plant frequently. Transplant outside when danger of frost is past. 

2. Plant Roma tomatoes from starts for an easier process. Purchase starts from a local nursery. Transplant purchased starts after the danger of frost is past. 

3. Transplant starts in nutrient rich soil and full sun. Dig a hole big enough to cover the tomato plant up to its first set of leaves. Place the plant in the hole and fill in. Cover the first set of leaves to help the plant grow a strong root system. 

4. Water the tomato garden. Water deeply by using a soaker hose. Water every other day in mild climates. Water daily in hot climates. 

5. Fertilize tomatoes weekly. Use an all purpose vegetable fertilizer or tomato fertilizer. Follow package instructions. 

6. Treat tomatoes with an organic pesticide. Treat plants immediately before pests have a chance to start nibbling. 

7. Pick tomatoes when they are fully red. Put unripe tomatoes, that have fallen off the plant, in a window to ripen.

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