How to plant cat grass ?

How to plant cat grass ?

Select seeds: They must be oats seeds or wheat seeds. The oats seeds or wheat seeds bought from the supermarket can’t sprout. The seeds can be bought from our online store.

Soaking: The seeds need to be soaked, which will need 12 hours in summer and 24 hours in winter. Put the seeds into the bottle, the water is about 3 times of the seeds.

Sprouting: That’s very important! Pour out all the water in the bottle. Upside down the bottle, and let the seeds place evenly on the bottle wall. (Let the moisture remains in the bottle). Temperature is very important at this moment. The seeds should be placed in a hotter environment. You can’t plant it until you see the little germ grown from the seed. 

Seeding: The soil must be nutrient soil. Place the seeds evenly on the soil; cover them with 0.5cm-1 cm thick soil. Too much or too little soil will affect the sprouting of seeds. It needs to have holes at the bottom of the pot.  

Planting: Water them completely once in the morning and once at night. If it is cloudy, place them outside the window. If it is sunny, they can be exposed in the sun for 3 hours at most, and then you should remove them indoors promptly. 

When the grass has grown into 7-8 cm high, you can feed the cats with them. The grass is most tender at that time. After eating by the cats, they can grow one more time. And then the grass will become yellow and old, and the cats won’t love to eat them anymore. So please let the cat enjoy the most tender and best first crop of grass in time. 

Most cats will eat the grass themselves, but some cats don’t love to eat. You can cut the grass into 4mm long, mix them with the canned food and the cats will eat them all. Don’t place the grass into the dry food, or the dry food will become moist. And the cats don’t like eating in this way. 

Within a few days after eating grass, the cat will spit out a big fur ball, some will wrap up a hair ball tightly, which means you have succeeded.  

The grass should be watered completely every day, once in the morning and once at night. Moreover, the nutrient soil should be place lower in the pot, so that the cats won’t play or eat the soil.

According to this method, you can plant the cat grass in 3 days, and feed the cats with them about 5 days after planting. If you don’t succeed, the problems must be sprouting, or you have covered the seeds with too much soil.

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