How to plant the succulents in winter

How to plant the succulents in winter

With winter coming, the growth of succulents becomes slowly. Many summer varieties of succulents will even go into dormancy. Most of them can’t resist low temperature, so put them near the indoor window with enough sunshine is the top priority! Please make sure to reduce the quantity and frequency of watering, since the transpiration of plants is weak, and the water evaporation of soil is slow in winter. 

When the indoor temperature is always below 10 degrees, it is not recommended to buy succulents with no roots, and leaf cutting or cuttage is not recommended, too.

1. Temperature

The optimal temperature for the growth of succulents is 10℃~28℃, the roots will grow faster if proceed cutting with this temperature, but when the temperature is below 10℃, the roots will grow very slowly. However, you can ignore it if your family has heating and glass house.

2. Water

In general, water the plants with warm sunshine at noon, and the frequency of watering needs to be adjusted according to the environment of your home.
The temperature of windowsill in the northern area with heating will reach 15℃~25℃, and it is very dry indoors, so the water volatilize fast, then you can water the plants more often under this situation. But the winter in the southern area is clammy, the transpiration of plants is weak, and the air humidity is high, so the interval of watering can be little longer, don’t let the soil always be wet.

3. Sunshine


In winter, the succulents must be put in the place with longest sunshine, not be able to avoid spindling, but as long as have enough sunshine, they can grow healthily and beautifully. If no sunshine in the house, please don’t move them to outdoors at random in winter.

4. Basin Change

Basin change and soil replacement must hurt the roots. It will need time to grow roots again and recover, if the pests and diseases are not very serious, I don’t suggest changing basin in winter.

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