planting sweet corn

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Actually, four seasons suit for planting corns. If sow corn seeds in winter, the corn seeds will sprout very slowly. In terms of output, planting corns in spring will reach the best condition of growth. Normal corns will sprout 2 to 3 days after sowing in spring or summer.
Autumn comes in a flash. It is a beautiful season and also a season of sowing. Maybe, someone is wondering what kinds of flowers suit for planting in autumn. The editor of Gardening Net is going to recommend some kinds of flowers for you
In order to make sure the plant division propagation will be successful, I am going to share the experience as below:

Planting Mint

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Mint is a very popular herb plant. You can smell a cool and refreshing fragrance as long as you rub the leaves gently with your fingers. This smell can refresh our mind and calm down our mood.

Pomegranate bonsai

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I think everyone should have eaten red pomegranates, and know the taste and nutritional value of them. It will leave a lot of seeds when you eat red pomegranates. And now I am going to teach everybody how to use these seeds to make cute bonsais which can also greening the indoor environment.
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