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Anise Seed / Aniseed

Anise (Pimpinella anisum), also called aniseed, is a flowering plant in the Apiaceae (parsley) family. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean area and southwest Asia. Anise is an herbaceous annual plant with feathery leaves and white flowers which bloom in the summer. Flowers are produced in thick umbels. These umbels contain small brown seeds that have a strong licorice flavor. The seed is the part of the plant that is typically used. The leaves are used sometimes in soups and salads.

Anise, with its licorice taste, can be used whole or ground to flavor many foods as well as aid in the digestion of many types of foods. Anise is used in baked items from savory to sweet, to stewed or baked fruits, to vegetables. Aniseed tea is said to help with colds and influenza. Anise is also used to flavor teas, cough drops, and liqueurs.

Anise can be planted in deep containers or sown directly into the ground in spring after danger of frost has past.  It does not transplant well.

Germination Period:

Anise seeds will germinate in soil in about 14 days when the soil temperature is at 70 degrees F, or 21 degrees C.

Soil Requirements:

Prefers poor, light, well-drained soil. Fertilizer is not required unless the soil is extremely poor.

Sun & Lighting Requirements:

Anise grown outdoors prefers full sun while being protected from wind.

Water Requirements:

Keep moist until seedlings appear. Once established, allow soil to go completely dry in between waterings.

Anise Seed / Aniseed - Plant in your garden. Growing Anise Seed / Aniseed from seeds, enjoy the gardening -SeedArea

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