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Plumeria plants are easily started from seeds. It is a fun and inexpensive way to increase one's collection of plumerias.
Each plumeria plant has a large number of chromosomes, some suggest as many as 54, which is the reason each planted plumeria seed produces seedlings each with its own unique characteristics, including flowers, fragrance and growth habit.

How to Grow
1. Split pods open if they have not split and remove the winged seeds.
2. Prepare a planting mix.
3. Fill individual pots or flats with the prepared potting mix.
4. Make a hole in the potting mix with your finger.
5. Insert each seed in a hole with the papery ”wing” pointing up.
6. Firm the soil around the seeds, leaving a small amount of the “wing” showing.
7. Place the planted pots or flats in a warm, above 60ºF (15.5ºC), sunny place.
8. Keep the potting soil moist but not too wet until the seeds emerge, which should be in about 21 days.
9. Transplant plumeria seedlings to individual pots after 2 sets of leaves have developed.

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