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Sweet Corn (Purple) - 100 Grams approx. 370 Seeds


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Radishes are one of the easiest and fastest plants to grow. Radish plants come in 2 varieties; spring radishes and winter radishes(this auction is spring radishes seeds). Spring radishes are harvested in the spring. Spring radishes are fast growers and they come in red, white, pink, and black. Spring radishes can be round, oval, or cylindrical. Spring radishes have a more subtle flavor than their winter counterparts. Winter radishes take a longer time to grow and are divided in to 4 groups. Daikon radishes are like white carrots. Chinese or lo bok radishes are white and long. Spanish radishes are tart with black skins and white flesh. German Beer Radishes look like turnips.

Growing Tips:
Radishes prefer full sun. Spring radishes prefer cool, rich soil so sow these seeds in an area that will have cool soil for four or more weeks. Let some radishes flower as their pink, white, and yellow blooms are very lovely and make a delightful addition to your vegetable garden. The whole radish plant is edible. The young leaves can be steamed or stir-fried and the flowers can be added to a salad. Keep an eye out for root maggots on your winter radishes. These yellow maggots, about 12 inch long will burrow into the winter radishes. To prevent these pests add wood ash when planting winter radish seeds.

Seasonal Care:
For seasonal care begin in early spring. Sow spring radish plants as soon as the soil can be worked. Plant new seeds about every eight days for a continuous crop. Plant seeds until the hot summer weather arrives. In mid to late summer plant winter radish seeds. In fall leave winter radishes in the ground until they mature in late fall or early winter. When the cold weather sets in mulch with straw.
Radishes are a great plant for children to grow. Because they require minimum effort and grow quickly they make a wonderful addition to a child’s garden. Spring radishes are best as they grow the fastest. Include your children in picking out the radish seeds to they can enjoy the entire gardening process.

Quick Facts:
Radishes are an annual that grows well in all zones. Radish plants like full sun and cool, sandy soil. They grow to a maximum of 8 inches in height. The whole radish plant is edible. By planting a variety of radishes you can harvest them year round.

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