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Height: Around 25 cm
Flowers: from in the spring or summer
Flower Details: purple

How to grow:
It is best to plant small Allium bulbs at a depth of 9 to 15 cm and larger ones at a depth of 20cm, with a spacing of 10 cm for smaller species and up to 30 cm apart for larger species in the autumn. Wild onion, garlic and similar species prefer partly shady conditions or full sunlight. The soil should be well drained, well composted and have a pH between 6 and 7. Allium requires between 2 weeks and a full year to germinate. When starting Allium species off from seed indoors, the seeds should be imbibed in the fridge for four weeks in the dark, then removed to the light and kept at 14 to 16 degrees celsius in flats for a year. They should be transplanted out individually in pots in the autumn.

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