Mayan Black Chili Pepper - Seeds


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Quantity: 5 Bulk Seeds

Description: A stunning ornamental variety with dark purple foliage and green undersides of the leaves with purple venations. The flowers are a mix of creamy white in the centre and dark purple on the outer edge. The bullet shaped 2 cm long wide pods are very dark purple / black before ripening to red. A hot variety.

How to grow

Sow the seeds in individual pots of good quality potting soil at least 6 weeks before you plan to set them out. Barely cover them with soil. Moisten the soil gently so as not to disturb the seeds.

Bottom heat will speed germination considerably.

As soon as the seedlings emerge, move them into bright light and keep protected for the first few weeks.

Plant date: Plant after all danger of frost has passed 

Germination: 14 - 21 days
Spacing: 20" - 24"
Crop time: 75 days.

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