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Lettuce - Seeds

Lettuce Soil Preparation: Although lettuces are quite easy to grow, they will thrive better in the ideal condition. They need at least six hours of sun per day and loose, good, rich soil to grow well. Ideally prepare the plot two to three weeks in advance, and amend it with rotted manure or organic compost. The soil should be able to retain moisture to keep these shallow-rooted veggies happy. For gardens with poor soil, build a raised bed and fill it with a mixture of compost, manure and topsoil. You can also opt for planting lettuce in containers or pots that are at least four inches deep.

Planting Lettuce and Spacing
Lettuce is widely known as a cool-season crop that should come to harvest before the warm weather comes. Sow seeds indoors eight to ten weeks prior to the average last frost date in spring and when the seedlings are about four inches tall, transplant then in the garden. Sowing lettuce seeds in the garden beds directly should be done four to six weeks before the average last frost date. Depending on the variety, lettuces are ready for harvest 55 to 95 days after starting. As mentioned above the soil should be prepared in advance; as opposed to manure you can also dig in a complete well balanced fertilizer and sow seeds at least ΒΌ inch deep in wide rows. Lettuce needs to be thinned to stand six to eight inches apart with spaces 18 inches apart.

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