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Name: Delonix Regia / Royal Poinciana Tree / Flame Tree

Height: 10 - 15 m
Leaf length: 30 - 50 cm

The flame tree, also known as royal poinciana or flamboyant, is a member of the bean family (Leguminosae) and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful tropical trees in the world. This aptly named tree produces striking flame-like scarlet and yellow flowers in spring before the leaves emerge. As the trees mature, they develop broad umbrella-shaped crowns, and are often planted for their shade-giving properties. The delicate, fern-like leaves are composed of small individual leaflets, which fold up at the onset of dusk. This tree produces brown, woody seed pods that reach lengths of up to 60 cm; they turn reddish-brown to almost black when ripe.

Planting and Germination
Soak the seed in water for a day before planting. This will help soften the exterior of the seed and enhance germination. Flame tree grows in moist humic rich soil which should be mimicked for seed starting medium. You can purchase a seed starter mix or make a mixture of potting soil, peat, compost and a small amount of sand or grit for drainage. The seed is sown 1/2 as deep as it is long into the mixture. Mist the container well and keep plastic wrap or a lid on the flat. The seed will germinate best on a heat mat and the ambient temperature needs to be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Germination will take place within nine weeks.

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