California poppy - Seeds / Eschscholzia

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California poppy - Seeds

Eschscholzia -Seeds

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California poppy - Seeds

Eschscholzia -Seeds

Genus: Eschscholzia

Family: Papaveraceae

Height: 12-18 in.

Bloom Time: Late Spring to Mid Summer
Flower Details: White, red, yellow, pink and orange
Requirements: full to part sun
How to grow:
1. Sow the seed directly in the garden as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. California poppy likes full sun and poor soil conditions. Sow also in the fall in mild-winter areas, especially in the West.

2. Trim off spent blooms once California poppies begin to fade - usually once temperatures exceed 80 degrees. (If this occurs in late spring, just trim off any spent flowers and leave the carrot-like foliage. The plants may well rebloom.)

3.Water in moderation, if at all. These wildflowers are drought-tolerant, so don't worry much about watering unless you're in an extremely arid region.

4.Pull plants up after the first frost.

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