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Thyme / Thymus - Seeds

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Thyme / Thymus - Seeds

Quantity: 500 Bulk Seeds

Flowers: Color: Pink
Height: ~20cm

How to grow
The seeds of thyme and other thymus should be sown on the soil surface in late autumn or about three weeks before the last frost. Thyme is able to grow in sunny and partially shaded areas that have good drainage and loves a light and dry soil. If starting off indoors then sow about 8 weeks before the last frost. It should take the thyme seeds about two or three weeks to germinate at 12 to 20 degrees centigrade. Once ready transplant the seedlings into the garden following the last frost of spring with a spacing of 20 to 30cm. 

It is fairly easy to care for thyme and other members of the Thymus family. If you are growing it for cookery purposes then it is best to cut back the plant by half after flowering has finished, this will help to maintain a strong flavour in the thyme leaves. Also it is best to change the plants every three years or so. It is a good idea to bring thyme indoors for the winter so that the leaves can be used throughout the year; pot the thyme into a sandy soil and grow on the window shelf, water occasionally and allow the soil that thyme grows in to dry out between watering. If you require more plants then thyme can be propagated from cuttings took following flowering or by dividing the plant in the spring.

Thyme is a popular aromatic and culinary herb that is a native of the Mediterranean. Growing thyme is fairly easy once you know the environment it prefers.

Thyme / Thymus - Seeds, Growing Thyme From Seed at seedarea.

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