Asian Persimmon (Coco Taste) - Seeds

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Asian Persimmon (Coco Taste) - Seeds

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Asian Persimmon (Coco Taste) - Seeds

This auction is 30 Asian Persimmon Tree bulk seeds. Asian Persimmons are sometimes called Japanese Persimmons and they are a real treat. They are sometimes 3 inches across and the taste is very sweet. They make excellent desserts like persimmon pudding, cakes, and cookies. 

Seeds are large and easy to grow. You can even grow them indoors and then set them out in the spring. Persimmons are a great source of vitamins and have a great deal of health benefits. 

Asian Persimmon trees are beautiful and will bear fruit in 3-4 years after established. They are bushy and grow up to 20 feet tall. The fruit is on the tree until a hard frost and then they fall. This is the best time to harvest the fruit because the cooler it gets the sweeter the fruit.

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