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Native to China, the ginkgo biloba tree (of the Ginkgoaceae family) is distinguished by its wide, leathery, fan-shaped leaves and sturdy trunk. The name is derived from the Japanese word ginkyo, meaning "silver apricot." Ginkgos are known for their remarkable longevity; some trees growing in China are over 2500 years old. In the United States, they grow in hardiness zones 3 to 9. Unfortunately, these trees are also notorious for the horrid smell--similar to vomit or rotten eggs--produced by seeds that fall and rot. From a distance, though, ginkgo trees are beautiful. 

How to Grow?
1. Remove the pulp from the seeds by washing in water. Spread out the clean seeds on paper towels to dry.

2. Prepare a potting mixture of equal parts compost, soil, peat moss and sand.

3. Plant the seeds in growing trays filled with the potting mixture. Cover with 1/4 inch of the mixture, keep them evenly moist and place in a warm and humid spot until they germinate.

4. Transplant them to a permanent location when growth is 3 to 4 inches tall.

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