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Quantity: 30 Bulk Seeds

Description: Good sources of vitamins C and A. Also high in potassium and calcium, a good source of fiber, and low in calories.

Papaya trees grow best in hot weather with a lot of sunlight. When you plant the seeds be sure to place them in an area free of shade.

Papayas are a short lived plant and the younger ones produce more fruit, so keep a succession of plants to ensure a steady crop.

Papaya plants need to planted in a well drained area. They are very susceptible to rotting if they are over watered.

How to grow?
1. Plant five seeds to a hole with no compost or manure. Make sure they are planted in loamy soil in a well drained area. Fertilizing the seeds this early will kill the seedlings. Be sure to keep the plants moist as they grow.

2. Fertilize the growing plant with a bucket of compost or manure every other month. Do not apply chicken manure to trees younger than two years. It will burn young papaya trees.

3. Prune the plants as they grow so they do not become too tall. This also encourages branching. In about one year they will be mature enough to begin bearing fruit.

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