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Quantity: 30 Bulk Seeds

Alternate name: Summer Haw, Yellow-leaf Hawthorn

Family: Rosaceae, Rose 


Thicket-forming shrub or small tree with broad, open crown of stout branches and yellow or orange fruit.

Height: 20' (6 m).
Diameter: 8" (20 cm).
Leaves: 2-2 1/2" (5-6 cm) long, 1 1/2-2" (4-5 cm) wide.
Elliptical to broadly obovate, short-pointed at tip, gradually narrowed to base; coarsely doubly saw-toothed with gland-tipped teeth; sometimes with few shallow lobes. Yellow-green and becoming hairless with sunken veins above, paler and hairy on veins beneath. Leafstalks long and hairy, with gland-dots.

Bark: dark brown, becoming reddish-tinged; thick and furrowed into narrow ridges.

Twigs: hairy when young; with straight spines.

Flowers: 3/4" (19 mm) wide; with 5 white petals, 10-20 rose-red stamens, and 3-5 styles; 4-7 flowers in compact, hairy clusters; in spring.

Fruit: 1/2" (12 mm) in diameter; elliptical; orange, brown, or yellow; tubular gland-toothed calyx often shedding early; thick dry mealy pulp; 3-5 nutlets; few in drooping clusters; maturing and falling in autumn.

Habitat Dry, sandy and gravelly soils, at woodland borders and in pine forests.

Uses: Small flowering landscape tree. May also be pruned as a hedge. The thorny stems of Hawthorn make it an ideal boundary hedge that will help keep unwelcome visitors out of the garden. If grown as a formal hedge, it will need to be pruned twice a year, in summer and autumn. Grown as an informal hedge, the only pruning needed is the removal of the most vigorous shoots in winter.

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