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Quantity: 100 Bulk Seeds

The Raspberry cultivar is a robust and versatile raspberry. It produces a high yield of very large, bright red fruit with a good sugar-acid balance, and a pure, strong, sweet raspberry flavor. Its fruit is outstanding appearance. 

Raspberry plants perform exceptionally well in a home garden and is also widely grown commercially. It has a long fruiting season, approximately 50 days, and ripens in July.

Raspberry plants produce tall canes with few spines. It was native to British Columbia, Canada and this Plant is bred in Canada and it has good weather and winter hardiness, but needs a good sheltered site.

Raspberries are a perfect choice for eating right off the cane or in jams or pies.

Type: Floricane – Produces fruit on second year wood
Height: 5-6 Feet
Spacing: 2.5 Feet
Sun Level: Full
Color: Bright red
Taste: Good, delicious
Vigor: Medium
Hardiness: Fully hardy

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