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Wisteria is a climbing vine that spills big clusters of purple or white blossoms over the edges of the fences and arbors that support it. Many varieties emit a wonderful fragrance, though not all types have this characteristic. When the wisteria plant is grown from a seed, it can take eight to 10 years to mature, and it won't produce blooms before then. If you don't mind waiting for flowers, you can grow a wisteria vine from seed without much difficulty.

How to Grow
1. Soak wisteria seeds in warm water for 24 hours before you plant them. This is crucial if the seeds are dry or hard, but will also help seeds that are not so dried out to germinate more easily. Remove the seeds from the water when you are ready to plant them.
2. Fill a flower pot with potting mix that does not include any soil in the mix. Such mixes usually contain perlite, moss and compost, and often other elements as well. Get the mix slightly wet all the way through.
3. Plant your wisteria seed in the pot. Give each seed its own pot, and bury them in the potting mix so they have just a thin layer of soil over them.
4. Cover the pot with clear plastic wrap. This will help keep the seed's environment humid enough for the seed to sprout. Place the pot where it can receive indirect sun, but avoid direct sun because that will make the pot too hot and the seed will die.
5. Check the pot daily. Once the seed has germinated, remove the plastic immediately. Water slightly and ensure that it gets plenty of light as it grows.

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