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Passion fruit / Passion flower  - Seeds

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Name: Passion fruit 

Quantity: 50 Bulk Seeds

The passion fruit grows on a vigorous, climbing vine that can grow up to 20 feet with support. The vines are deep green in color and harbor three lobed leaves that complement fragrant 3-inch flowers. The passion fruit itself develops after the flowers bloom, usually in the summer. If you want to plant passion fruit in your own backyard and live within USDA hardiness zones 9 through 

How to grow?
1. Place the seeds on a paper towel for drying.

2. Fill a seed-starter tray with damp potting soil. Press one passion fruit seed 1/8 inch into the soil of each cell. Cover the seed starter tray with its matching lid.

3. Set the seed starter tray in an area that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Lift the lid every two to three days to check the soil for moisture. Spray the soil lightly with water from a spray bottle until damp, if it feels dry.

4. Remove the lid as soon as you see green seedlings popping through the soil. Passion fruit seed germination usually takes between 10 and 20 days.

5. Continue to maintain moist soil and bright, indirect sunlight as your seedlings grow. Transplant the seedlings into 4-inch pots when they develop their second set of leaves. Plant one passion fruit seedling in each pot.

6. Transplant your passion fruit seedlings outdoors when approximately 8 inches tall. Choose a sunny patch of well-drained soil and plant your passion fruit seedlings after the spring's thaw.

Note: Do not over water your soil. The soil should be damp, not wet. Too much water can rot your passion fruit seeds before they have a chance to germinate.

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