How to plant the succulents in winter

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With winter coming, the growth of succulents becomes slowly. Many summer varieties of succulents will even go into dormancy. Most of them can’t resist low temperature, so put them near the indoor window with enough sunshine is the top priority! Please make sure to reduce the quantity and frequency of watering, since the transpiration of plants is weak, and the water evaporation of soil is slow in winter. When the indoor temperature is always b

How to plant tomatoes-Part 2

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Protect the ripe fruit from the animals.

How to plant tomatoes-Part 1

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Tomatoes can almost grow in everywhere, as long as the environment is warm and little damp. With enough sunshine, water and your patience, your tomato plants must be able to grow well with big, red, fresh and juicy fruit.

How to plant cat grass ?

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Cats love eating grass naturally. That’s true!—which can be proved by the big head family. — Because eating grass can help the cats spit out the fur balls in the stomach. Then you don’t need to worry about the cats lick the fur or the fur balls accumulate in the stomach of the cats. But it is difficult to plant cat grass. Actually, the seeds of cat grass are barleys and oats. If you can buy living seeds, you can plant some wheat directly.

planting sweet corn

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Actually, four seasons suit for planting corns. If sow corn seeds in winter, the corn seeds will sprout very slowly. In terms of output, planting corns in spring will reach the best condition of growth. Normal corns will sprout 2 to 3 days after sowing in spring or summer.
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