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Quantity: 700 bulk seeds per pack / 100 grams (approx. 20,000 Seeds)


Loco is a compact multi branching Chilli that has a very attractive habit producing a heavy crop of 2inch upright facing vivid purple peppers that mature through green to bright red all over the plant. The compact branching habit of Loco plants make it a very attractive plant in the garden. The fruits are a little Pungent measuring 24,000shu (Scoville heat units) which is similar to a cayenne type. The habit of Loco makes it a superb choice for pots and containers as well as open ground.

Ideal For:patio, kitchen garden, greenhouse, conservatory

Flowering Period:June, July, August, September

Sowing Months:March, April

Position:full sun

Fruit Colour
Vivid purple maturing to bright red.
Fruits in 80 Days.

Grow as an annual.

Spacing 12 inches (30cm) apart.

Garden borders, pots and containers.

Daily during dry spells.

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