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Mix of purple, yellow, red and white carrots. Purple has smooth skin, coreless orange flesh and is sweet and tasty. Yellow holds its sunny hue inside and out, is crunchy, sweet and juicy. White is mild and delicious, and Red has high lycopene levels as well as a crispy texture that is great cooked. 58-65 DAYS.

Carrots are one of the most common vegetables grown in home gardens. High in potassium, beta carotene and vitamin A, these vegetables really pack a nutritional punch. The ease with which they grow makes them an easy crop to plant and harvest. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to plant and grow carrots indoors. With a few simple items and a little patience, you can plant and grow carrots even if you don't have an outdoor garden.

How to Grow?
1. Purchase the variety of carrot seeds you want to grow. See link in the Resources section for a rainbow variety of different carrots.

2. Place the large container--such as a half barrel or plastic storage bin--in a sunny area in your home. This should be near an eastern- or western-facing window so that the carrot plants will get plenty of sunlight indoors.

3. Fill the container with a mixture of ½ high-quality, rich potting soil (such as Miracle Gro) and half garden sand (not play sand). Mix this well, to ensure that the carrots will have a proper mixture to grow in.

4. Make shallow trenches in the soil, approximately 2 inches apart from one another. They need to be approximately ¼ inch deep.

5. Put the seeds in the soil carefully, 2 inches apart from one another. The seeds are very small, so you will need to use both hands: one hand to cup the seeds in and the other to pinch up individual seeds to place in the soil.

6. Brush the soil over the seeds gently. Do not tamp the soil down. The soil should just be loosely covering the carrot seeds.

7. Fill the plant mister with water and mist the top of the soil liberally. This will allow the seeds to get the necessary moisture without overwhelming them with too much water. Growing carrots indoors requires less water than growing them outside, so for the first couple of weeks, you need only mist the top of the planter, to keep the top of the soil and the seeds moist.

8. Begin watering with a watering can once the seeds sprout into seedlings. The seedlings should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch. Carrots do not like wet soil, and the soil should be allowed to be slightly dry before watering again.

9. Continue to let the plants get plenty of sun indoors, while watering them regularly. Harvest according to the directions on the seed packet, as all varieties of carrots have different harvest times.

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