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Name: Allium fistulosum

Quantity: 1200 Bulk Seeds 

known as the Welsh onion. The green onion forms 2-foot-tall clumps of hollow foliage. The plant self-multiplies, so it needs to be planted just once. When growing green onions to harvest bulbs and not just foliage, the growing season is four to five months. Plant green onions in the spring. In warmer regions, because it tolerates a light frost, plant it in the fall or winter.

How to Grow?
1. Plant green onions a sunny to partially shady location.

2. Add 1 lb. of 8-24-24 fertilizer per 25 feet of garden space to the soil. Mix into the top 10 inches soil, using a use a spade or garden fork.

3. Plant green onion sets at the same depth they are currently growing. Plant them 6 inches apart and in rows spaced 1-foot apart.

4. Water the green onions once a week to a depth of 6 inches.

5. Fertilize the plants eight weeks after planting with a side dressing of 1 lb. 8-24-24 fertilizer per 25 square-foot row. Dig a 2-inch-deep trench that is 6 inches to the side of the row. Scatter the fertilizer in the trench, cover it and water to a depth of 6 inches.

6. Harvest the green tops of the onions as needed by snipping them off with kitchen or garden snips. Pull the entire plant when the tops reach 6 inches tall. Separate what you need from the clump and replant the rest.

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