Chinese Leek (Chinese Chives, Garlic Chives) - Seeds

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Chinese leek - Seeds

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Item Name: Chinese leek

Quantity: 1700 Bulk Seeds per bag

Chives grow readily in containers and add a piquant flavor to dishes. Chinese chives have a garlicky flavor in the leaves and a white flower, in contrast to the purple flowering common chive. Start your chive plants in spring, about two weeks before the last frost date in your area. Chives are sensitive to frost, so should be kept indoors until the weather warms.

How to Grow?
1. Select a container with holes in the bottom, and a well-draining houseplant potting soil for growing container chives.

2. Fill your container with the potting soil to within 1 inch from the top.

3. Scatter the Chinese chive seeds on top of the potting soil. Cover them with 1/4-inch potting soil. Don't worry about spacing; you'll thin them when the seeds germinate.

4. Water the potting soil to moisten it, but don't let it get boggy. Keep the soil moist but not wet until the chive seeds germinate, typically within seven to 10 days. For the germination stage, keep your chive container indoors.

5. Increase the watering when the seeds germinate, watering until the soil becomes saturated. At this point, thin the seedlings leaving 8 inches between developing chive plants and move your container outdoors.

6. Place the container in a location where it gets full sun, optimally. Chives also grow in part sun.

7. Continue to water your chives when the soil gets dry, watering until the soil gets saturated. These plants don't need fertilizing.

8. Cut down chives at their base to use them in cooking, using shears.

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